Why Should You Choose Grandfalls Power Washer?


Are you finding it difficult about the cleanliness and significance of your home? No need to worry, this article will help you clear all your troubles in choosing this machine.

Grandfalls water pressure is a powerful machine that provides cleaning surfaces of various materials like metal, plastic, and concrete. The high pressure of grandfalls power washer helps you remove junky layers of dust and contaminations on the exteriors quickly.

This machine can save time and money because of its high efficiency and high flow rate.  Power washer helps you to increase your property value by safeguarding your property

Key Features of Grandfalls power washer

Some important features will help you understand the functions and qualities of this machine.

Effective water Pressure System

With 2200 PSI pressure in the machine, you can deliver a maximum flow capacity of 1.3 GPM to remove any layer of dust on materials surfaces.

Grandfalls power washer provides you a large 100ft hose to clean the surfaces in large areas or where you cannot reach by yourself.

An adjustable pressure system allows you to select pressure requirements according to the material’s surface properties.

Unique Physical Appearance

An aluminum handle with adjustable length for different heights offers you easy access to various locations with movable wheels. The power washer comes with storage slots to store all its equipment. The Power washer provides you with wall-mounted and portable installation features as per your requirement.

The unique and advanced technology used to design and manufacture this machine with highly adequate ceramics materials. The automatic hose guide system keeps the power cable unbroken and twist-free.

Exclusive Nozzles

You can use this power washer with four different nozzles, which all have different spray angles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°). These different nozzles provide you with various pressures which apply according to cleaning requirements.

A nozzle is used to regulate the movement of water mounted on the end of the hose or pipe. You can easily remove and adjust the nozzles to increase cleaning efficiency on different surfaces.

Advance TSS System

The advanced TSS (total stop system) system in the machine provides you the assistance to avoid water overflow through the pump. This system uses to increase the pump’s life and prevent any damages to the machine pump.

The automatic sensor system releases the trigger to stop the flow of water, which also shuts down the motor to avoid overheating. TSS system consists of a sensitive microswitch.

Strong hose and accessories

Highly durable pipe with a strong fitting system provides you the total length of 100 ft with 5 ft extendable length. The hose can deliver you max pressure of 2200 PSI with the resistance of water temperature to the maximum limit of 40°C.

The hose material allows it to wind uniformly around the center axis to avoid any kink in the pipe. The pipe must keep away from sharp things to avoid exploding off the line, which can bring you about an injury.


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