What Makes Glass-Filled PTFE More Recommended?


PTFEs are very important and durable materials in manufacturing products that are widely used in our daily life. They are used in utensils and non-stick cookers. They have high thermal and electrical resistivity as well as being sturdy and strong.

So in the market, there is a wide variety of China 25 Glass Filled PTFE available. But here we are going to discuss why glass-filled PTFEs are more beneficial and recommended than other types of PTFEs. What are the specific qualities of glass-filled PTFEs that urge us to shun others and consume this particular type of PTFEs?

Properties of Glass filled PTFEs

Glass-filled PTFEs have very important industrial applications and are very high in demand. They are made up of glass fiber with varying percentages of 5 percent to 40 percent. The following are its important properties:

Specific Gravity

Glass-filled PTFEs have a specific range of gravity from 2.23-2.26 g/cm3. It is a very specific application only available in glass-filled PTFEs

Tensile Strength

They are very strong. They have a tensile strength of 31MPa.


They are flexible and elongate up to 180%.


Hardness is the key property of this type of PTFE

Thermal conductivity

They have a very good thermal conductivity that is very beneficial for industrial uses.

Features of Glass filled PTFEs

Here are its key features:


Glass-filled PTFEs are very strong they are stronger than steel. Fiberglass boosts the strength and weight of the material and is very handy for industrial use. We see that in our surroundings glass filled, PTFEs are widely used.


Glass-filled PTFEs are very stiff and sturdy. They do not break, bend, or get molded. It provides sustainability and durability to the material. It is rigid and less flexible. For applications where strength is required over flexibility, glass-filled PTFE is the best choice.


Glass-filled PTFEs are very lightweight compared to steel, and aluminum. They are lightweight but stronger than those materials. In applications where minimum weight is required like racing cars, aerospace glass-filled PTFE is the best choice. They are very high in demand in those industries and are used excessively.

Thermal Expansion

They thermally expand and contract under hot and cold weather. They are used in railway tracks and bridges where thermal expansion and contraction are required. But in applications where expansion is a concern you should opt for other materials.

Supports Budget

By comparison with other PTFEs, it is cost-effective. They are very high in demand and their manufacturing cost is low. They are very handy and very helpful materials. That lives up to the expectations.

Corrosion Resistant

If this material is exposed to chemical mutagens, acids, or toxic environments, you will be very happy to learn that they are corrosion resistant and these chemicals have little or no effect on them.

Uses of Glass filled PTFEs

Glass-filled PTFEs are widely used in valve seat applications. They have a wide variety of applications in gaskets, pump housing, roller covering, shaft bearings, filter housing, transport, and medical and pharmaceutical technology.

Due to its numerous properties and a large number of key features, it has very important uses in our daily life as well as in industry.

Strengths of the Glass Filled PTFEs

Following are the strengths of the Glass filled PTFEs that urge you to choose it from a wide variety of PTFEs available in the market.

  • Improved hardness
  • Non-conductive
  • Thermal expansion Is low
  • Wear Resistant
  • Less deformation beneath the load

Limitations of Glass-Filled PTFEs

Every coin has two sides with numerous strengths glass filled PTFEs have their weaknesses as well that you should be well aware of while purchasing them through the supplier.

  • High friction coefficient
  • Gas permeation resistance is decreased.


This article tells you all the things you need to know about glass filler PTFEs. It tells you about its properties and its features that urge you to select glass-filled PTFE. Also, we have discussed its strengths and weaknesses so that it will be safer for you to know whether it is suitable for your task or not.


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