What Are The Common Applications Of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0?


AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 is a grade of structural steel that adheres to Australian and New Zealand requirements, known for its reliability and versatility in production projects. With strict quality control measures in the region, C350 L0 metal is well-known for its regular mechanical properties. This metal grade is broadly recognized for its exceptional reliability, making it a preferred choice for architects, engineers, and developers looking for excessive-overall performance substances for an expansion of packages.

Reliability is a hallmark of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel, which adheres to strict production standards and the best warranty protocols as/nzs 1163 C350 L0 is a standard specification for structural metallic hollow sections. This grade of metallic is specifically designed to be used in welded systems in which low-temperature longevity is a crucial requirement. With its precise functions and characteristics, AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 finds a huge range of applications in diverse industries.

Common Applications Of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 Steel

In this article, we can examine in detail the specific applications of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel.

Building Construction

One of the essential uses of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel is in building construction; empty underlying segments made of this level of steel are generally utilized in the development of both business and private structures. They offer underlying assistance for the structure system, which consists of segments, pillars, and supports. The high ability-to-weight proportion of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel makes it ideal for the development of tall structures and designs that require strength and sturdiness.

Structural Activities

AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel is likewise generally utilized in foundation projects, including scaffolds, expressways, and rail route tracks. Opening segments produced using this grade of metal are utilized for span braces, suppomakemns, and other underlying variables in span creation. Likewise, in roadway and railroad projects, AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 metal is utilized for the development of bridges, underpasses, and saving walls because of its sturdiness and dependability.

Business Designs

AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 Steel tracks down applications in different modern designs, including distribution centers, production lines, and energy plants. Empty segments produced using this level of steel are utilized in the structure development of modern structures, offering support for weighty frameworks and gear. The amazing weldability and formability of AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 metal make it appropriate for manufacturing complex underlying parts utilized in modern offices.

Pipelines and Funneling Frameworks

AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 Metal is utilized in the development of pipelines and funneling structures for the transportation of fluids and gases in various enterprises, including oil and gas, water circulation, and synthetic handling. empty segments produced using this grade of metal are used in pipe supports, risers, and other underlying parts of pipelines on account of their power, sturdiness, and erosion obstruction.

Architectural Features

AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 Metal reaches out to past primary projects to upgrade engineering properties in structures and public spaces. Its stylish allure, joined with strength and sturdiness, makes it appropriate for exteriors, shelters, and embellishing factors. Modelers utilize the adaptability of C350 L0 steel to incorporate hand-crafted capacities that upgrade visual allure and usefulness in building plans. Its unwavering quality guarantees that engineering capabilities are as of now not the best, and its appearance is great; however, it additionally safeguards primary respectability after some time.


The AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel level represents flexibility and unwavering quality in development, giving a wide assortment of applications in different areas. C350 L0 steel assumes an essential role in molding the cutting-edge fabricated climate. Its solidarity, weldability, and sturdiness make it a quintessential material for underlying errands in which well-being, execution, and life span are fundamental. As the development business keeps on advancing, AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 is the favored decision for specialists, draftsmen, and manufacturers searching for unreasonable execution answers for their activities.


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