Revolveled Has Some Outdoor Lighting Products To Offer


The soothing and proper amount of exterior LED lights by revolveled are always become a part of our beautiful memories that spent with your friends, family, or special one beneath a splendid night sky.

Nocturnal lighting can enhance the external beauty of your home by giving it illumination. Whether it’s your backyards, gardens, or even the outside corridors, the perfect combination of lighting with their decoration can easily fascinate the passer-by spectators. The good quality LED lights for your outdoors can not only enhance the external beauty of your outdoor but also provide you security and safety. Get all the valuable facts regarding the outdoor commercial LED lighting from this article.

LED Lights You Never Knew Existed

You can get a variety of LED lights your outdoor designing by contacting a good and reliable LED Light supplier like Revolveled.  and get a package of multiple lumen and lights for your exterior illumination that can suit your taste and style, and you can get all the necessary variety up to your requirements with manageable installation plan. Multiple variety of exterior lights are functional in the market now, check them all to select your suitable package:

1. Portable Work Lights

Portable LED work lights can provide you a variety of useful applications in one pack. It’s an excellent product designed with useful and quality feature. Not only that these lights are created to ensure your safety and security as well. Its wide rage longevity is perfect to satisfy your each and every requirement. The LED work lights have cooler handling temperatures, this feature helps it to keep safety and shields it from burn risks. It can provide broad, brittle, and shining effect in comparatively lower power costs.

2. Vapor Tight LED Lights

Vapor-tight LED lights are confined and sealed fixtures providing standard illumination for indoor surroundings. That means these illuminators are built for the atmosphere generally disclosed to moisture, dust, and dirt. This kind of lights consumes 50% less in comparison to the fluorescents. So that you can get with an unlimited no maintenance facility. It has all the required facilities like UV stabilized, lightweight, high effect resistance etc. It can be installed easily at any suitable surface.

3. LED Bollards

The LED Bollard lights are perfect exterior fixture for its unique feature of ambient light spread quality. It can enhance the security of your outdoor and increase its visibility by providing maximum amount of illumination. With LED Bollard lights you can brighten your exterior that includes your pathways, landscapes, driveways, parks, common areas, and courtyards. It can be the best choice of fixture for any commercial towers, buildings, or residential societies. You can give a perfect architectural design to your exterior with the LED Bollard lights.

4. Dusk To Dawn LED Lights

Dusk to Dawn lights is categorized in those type of illumines that turns on at sunset and turns off with the sun rise. The dusk-to-dawn outdoor wall lights are used featured with a variety of applications, useful in bringing a traditional and pastoral gaze. The LED Barn Lights can provide less energy consuming facilities and it can also save maintenance over HID or HPS. Its multicolored lens allows it to illuminate with a bright and uniform light allotment for security and visibility measurements.

Leading Brand Revolveled

Are you searching for a commercial outdoor LED lighting supplier who can give you a proper package of lights to illuminate your exterior, then stop your search at Revolveled, here you can get the finest preferences of exterior lighting, they have a wide variety of collections such as LED wall pack for exteriors, ceiling light fixtures, flood & spot lights, LED canopy lights, and also parking lot illuminators.

It can also provide you the best technology like photocell for the dusk to dawn segment, built in light sensor enables the light the auto on/off facility. So, why looking for other options when you’re getting each variety in one destination, get Revolveled and give a perfection to your house exterior.


Whether you need to highlight your architectural sense or want to ensure security needs of your property- the proper lighting is always stand out in your necessary requirements. Proper illumination gives a soothing effect to the decorations of your garden, lawn, and balcony. On the other hand, a bright and strong light can ensure security to your garage and citadel area, and as a householder, you need to maintain all these r


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