How to turn sawdust into wood pellets?


Sawdust is a critical ingredient in the production of wood pellets. If you want to turn sawdust into wood pellets, you should use a sawdust pellet machine. However, you first need to check for a few standards. Ensure the moisture content of the sawdust is around 15%, check for any foreign material in the sawdust and check whether you need to add any binding agent to the sawdust.

If the moisture content is low, you may add some water to introduce moisture. Similarly, if you find any impurities in the sawdust, you should remove them to prevent damaging the machine. Some of the foreign materials include plastics, metals, and stones.

Once you have confirmed all the above factors are in order, you may consider adding the sawdust to the sawdust pellet machine. As you add the material, pay attention to the size of your hammer mill and flat die. It would help if you were careful not to overload the machine with excess ingredients.

What are sawdust pellets used for?

Sawdust pellets have a variety of uses. They are used for heating the house, hotel, greenhouse, or farm. In the industrial sector, sawdust has been used for thermal energy and electrical energy production. To some extent, the use of sawdust has replaced coal in the industries.

Other uses of sawdust pellets at home include beddings for domestic animals such as chickens, horses, and dogs. When the sawdust pellets are used for beddings, remember always to change the beddings at least every three days. Failure to change the beddings frequently might lead to hygiene concerns and bad smells in the domestic animals’ habitat.

Can you make your pellets for a pellet grill?

Yes, you can make your pellets for a pellet grill if you have the right equipment and raw materials. Raw materials may be sawdust, wood shavings, or logs that you may obtain from diseased trees. Each of them comes with its specific demands regarding processes to be followed. A pelletizing machine would be necessary for the pelletizing of sawdust.

Logs might take you through the most prolonged process because you need to debark the logs to prepare them for chipping. Once you obtain the wood chippings, you can use a hammer mill to shred the chippings to form sawdust, which can be pelletized as it is, provided the moisture content is correct. Ensure all the conditions are adhered to to get good results.

Important points to remember are the moisture levels and pressure used to pelletize the sawdust. The moisture content will go a long way in ensuring the sawdust pellets produce a good amount of heat in the pellet grill. Besides, it will help in binding the sawdust pellet together.

Is it cost-effective to make your wood pellets?

It is cost-effective to make your wood pellets in the long run. Most people think that wood pellets are expensive, but they are not real. If you consider all the costs of other fuel sources, you will realize that wood pellets are cheaper and sustainable.


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